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SIMO & Co Solicitors specialise in business and commercial property work. We provide a personal touch wherein clients can directly access their solicitor without having to go through the usual quagmire of various secretaries, paralegals, caseworkers and associates. We keep our clients promptly updated and closely in the loop with all of their work to avoid unexpected surprises in their businesses and investments. Our clients receive personal and tailor-made services and options based on their needs, with reasonable pricing that provides them with only the services that they need at a high quality.

If you are unsure whether we cover a specific area of work, please phone or e-mail us.

Commercial Property

shopping complex

Whether you are buying, selling, renting or leasing, we provide you with the security of knowing your legal documents from top-to-bottom.

Our services extend to all types of Business and Commercial Property including:
Freehold and Leases (Tenancies)
Shops, Newsagents, Retail Outlets, Convenience Stores
Off-licences and On-licences
Restaurants and Takeaways
Industrial and Warehouse Units
Petrol Stations
Development Land
Commercial Estates

Further, we offer a large range of legal services for all types Business and Commercial Property issues, including services relating to:
Sales, Purchases, Assignments and Transfers
Acting for Landlords (Lessors) & Tenants (Lessees)
Acting for Sellers (Assignors) and Buyers (Assignees)
Drafting and Negotiations
Disputes and Settlements
New Leases
Underleases (Subleases)
Occupational Licences (Licences to Occupy)
Lease Extensions and Lease Variations
Lease Surrenders
Forfeiture, Eviction and Repossession, and other Lease Termination Issues
Rent, Rent Review and Rent Deposits
Service Charge, Insurance and Repair
Mortgaging and Remortaging
Consents to Alter, Renovate and Change Use
Planning Consents and Applications
Building Regulations Compliance
Company and Structured Ownership
HM Land Registry Applications and Registrations
Public Licences such as Alchohol and Gambling Licences
Options and Pre-Emption Rights

Business & Acquisitions

the city

We provide prompt and comprehensive advice and support services so that your business gets all the legal help it needs, whether it is a new business just finding its customers or an existing business with a seasoned history.

Our services extend to a wide variety of Business and Commercial Sectors including:
Hospitality such as Restaurants, Takeaways, Bars, Pubs and Clubs
Property Investment, Ownership and Management
Financial Services
Education and Childcare
Shipping and Cargo
Fitness and Gyms
Industrial and Logistics
Online and Virtual Businesses
Factories and Mechanical Repair

Further, we offer a large range of legal services for all types Business and Commercial issues, including services relating to:
Disputes and Settlements
Company and Corporate
Joint Venture Companies (JVCs)
Shareholders' Agreements
Supply, Distribution, Licencing and Franchising Agreements
Intellectual Property Agreements and Registrations
Share and Asset Transfers
Mergers and Acquisitions
Involvency Procedures
Options and Pre-Emption Rights

Landlord & Tenant


We provide professional lease or tenancy negotiating and drafting services which ensures that you are best protected. If a dispute does arise, we are there for you to provide legal assistance to ensure that you come to a solution that is favourable to you whilst limiting your costs in relation to achieving your desired outcome.

Our services are not limited to but include the following:

Extension of lease
Lease surrender & Break Cluases
Termination of Business Tenances & LTA 1954
Simultaneous surrender and new lease
Service charge, Insurance and Repair
Disputes and Negotiations around Rent & non-payment of Rent, Rent Review, Rent Deposit & Guarantees
Licence to sublease, assign, change of use & Other Lease Variations
Assured Shorthold Tenancies, Possession proceedings and ejectment of tenants
Planning and Building Regulation issues, Developments and Projects
Any disputes or negotiations in relation to any Lease Clauses
Issues regarding management companies or persons in place of such a company

Residential Property

residential property

Flats, houses, maisonettes, and any other residential properties. Shared Ownership, right to buy, lease extensions and related work.

We offer a wide range of legal services in this practice area, which includes but is not limited to the following:

Sale and purchase of freehold or leasehold premises
Drafting and negotiating new leases or subleases/ underleases
Mortgages and remortgaging freehold or leasehold premises

Wills & Probate

signing a document

Leaving something for your loved ones or making contingency for your business or if for simply planning your future it is vital that you do so well informed, so that there are no problems in the future.

We provide professional and personal advice that takes into account sensitive issues and we will provide you with all the options, so that you can make a well informed decision about distributing your wealth according to your wishes.

Our Services include but are not limited to the following:

Drafting Wills
Administering Estates
Estate Planning (including inheritance tax issues and how to provide the financial assets to those who you care about)
Disputed Wills
Lasting Powers of Attorney
Power of Attorney
Statutory Declarations

Family & Divorce

father and child

Family issues can be the most difficult period in your life. We provide sympathetic and straight forward advise at this stressful and testing period in your life.

If family members adopt an adversarial and confrontational approach to solving it would only result in extra costs for you as well as for the other side and fuel future hostility. We attempt to first resolve issues through negotiations, mediation and conciliation where possible in pursuit of achieving your desired outcome. We recognise that if necessary in the particular circumstances of the case, to pursue court action in order to obtain your wishes. We will present all the options in a clear and straight-forward manner so that you can make a well informed decision which we will act on.

Our Services include but are not limited to the following:

Divorce & Separation
Child Custody & Child Related Issues (e.g. adoption)
Financial Settlement

Immigration and Nationality


We provide services to individuals and businesses in this practice area. Your legal status in this country or abroad is essential for your life in a personal capacity. If you are in business it is essential you meet the immigration requirements when employing, otherwise you may find yourself liable.

We provide prompt, reliable and affordable professional service to achieve the outcome that you desire. We provide unique and effective solutions to many persons in this practice area.

Our Services include but are not limited to the following:

Tier 1-5 Applications
Application to Immigration Tribunals
Appeal your immigration case
Judicial Review
Any application to the home office

About Us

The Firm

SIMO & Co Solicitors was established in 2005 and has since been in practice serving individuals in the community in both their business and in their personal capacity. Our main aim is to provide a high standard of legal service to our clients, provide value for money and to provide flexible services. To ensure that we meet this goal all our services are provided by Solicitors, which means that you can be assured of fast, highest quality and straight forward service tailored to deal with your individual circumstances and needs. We also provide more convenient legal services we offer flexible appointment times, so that you do not need to take time off work to see us.

The name SIMO came by combining the first two letters of its founding solicitors, being 'SI' from Sivapatham and 'MO' from Mohanakumari. SIMO & Co was originally established as a legal & accountancy firm in Sri Lanka in 1985. Since its inception SIMO & Co Solicitors has grown significantly specialising in many areas of practice and possess over 95 years of legal experience shared between the founding solicitors.

Our Solicitors

Sivapatham Seenithamby LLB

Sivapatham Seenithamby


Sivapatham Seenithamby has over 51 years of experience working in the UK and internationally as a solicitor, attorney-at-law, accountant and auditor. He has over 22 years of experience as a solicitor of England and Wales.

Before he started working in the area of law he qualified as an accountant & auditor, working with various organizations internationally from 1974. The combination of accounting and law makes his services invaluable to clients. He started his court work with P. Sethukavalar, President's Council and V.C. Motilal Nehru, President's Council mainly in Human Rights, Company and Employment Law work.

Mohanakumari Sivapatham LLB

Mohanakumari Sivapatham


Mohanakumari Sivapatham has over 43 years of legal experience working in the UK and internationally as a solicitor and attorney-at-law. She has over 21 years of experience as a solicitor of England and Wales.

Her experience extends to working for the International Chamber of Commerce Paris as an Assistance Registrar to the Arbitration Centre and was involved drafting the Arbitration Rules of this organization. She also worked for the Asian Pacific Tax & Investment Research Centre Singapore and International Fiscal Association, working for the Chief Executive and Governor. She was a Director of Accounting and Allied Services and has further worked with many banking committees and sub-committees. She started her court work with P. Navaratnarajah Q.C. and V.C.Motilal Nehru, President's Council.

Vengardesh Sivapatham LLB (Hons), LLM

Vengardesh Sivapatham


Vengardesh Sivapatham has over 14 years of legal experience, and provides expert and specialised legal services to small and medium sized businesses, landowners and developers. his area of specialism is commercial property, leases and business acquisitions. He has over 12 years of experience as a solicitor of England and Wales.

He graduated from City University London with an honours degree in law. He continued his legal studies to be awarded the title master of laws, after submitting his dissertation in the area of commercial leases.

Ambigesh Sivapatham LLB (Hons), LLM

Ambigesh Sivapatham


Ambigesh has over 7 years of legal experience and a broad range of knowledge and expertise in commercial property, business acquisitions and private estate management. His clients benefit from his unique, effective and cost saving approach to resolving legal issues. His clients compose of small and medium sized businesses, landlords and property developers. He has over 5 years of experience as a solicitor of England and Wales.

He graduated from King's College London with an honours degree in law. He took further legal studies to obtain the title of master of laws after submitting his dissertation on tax law.

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