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Solicitors & Administrators for Oaths

Commercial & Residential Landlord & Tenant


The relationship between landlord & tenant can lead to many arguments and disputes over various rights and obligations in your lease or tenancy irrespective of whether you are a landlord or a tenant.

The most cost effective way to protect you against future problems is to ensure that the lease or tenancy is drafted in your favour, so that if disputes do occur then the settlement can be reached in your favour. This applies in a commercial or residential context as prevention is better than the cure. We provide professional lease or tenancy negotiating and drafting services which ensures that you are best protected given your current situation.

If a dispute does arise in your relationship with the landlord or the tenant, we are there for you to provide legal assistance to ensure that you come to a solution that is favourable to you whilst limiting your costs in relation to achieving your desired outcome.

We provide a range of services in this practice area for buy-to-let investors, estate agents, property management companies and generally any landlord or tenant.

Our services are not limited to but include the following:

We offer fixed fees for certain areas of practice mentioned above, so call us to find out more on 020 88 666 333.